Moodhu Bar & Restaurant
This menu is posted on our website as a guide only. The items and the prices are subject to change without notice.  All prices are in US Dollars and subject to additional 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax.
Continental Breakfast
toast with a selection of jams and butter, fresh seasonal fruits, orange juice, pot of tea or coffee 
10.00 $
English Breakfast
white or brown bread, two eggs any style, pork bacon or beef sausage, hash brown potatoes, grilled tomato, baked beans, orange juice, pot of tea or coffee

17.00 $
Baker’s Basket
choice of toast, croissant or danish pastries4.00 $
Two Eggs Any Style3.50 $
Crispy Bacon5.00 $
Homemade Plain Yoghurt3.50 $
Breakfast Fruit Platter7.50 $
with freshly chopped tomato and basil topping5.00 $
Garlic Bread
grilled french bread with a light garlic brushing5.00 $
Vegetable Spring Rolls
served with wasabi-mayonnaise and ginger-soya sauce8.00 $
Crispy Vegetable Tempura
served with wasabi-mayonnaise and ginger-soya sauce8.00 $
Grilled Halloumi
flavoured with rosemary oil8.00 $
Fish Delight
classic cocktail of prawns and crab meat13.00 $
Crunchy Fried Prawns
coated in bread crumbs and fried to perfection, served with sweet ’n’ sour sauce14.00 $
Sliders – An American Classic
three mini burgers with chicken, beef and lamb patties9.00 $
Reethi’s ‘Nachos Supreme’
gratinated nachos tossed with spicy minced beef, served with guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream
15.00 $
Cream Of Tomato & Basil
topped with fresh basil and bread croutons7.00 $
Duo of Bell Pepper Soup
cream of red and green bell pepper9.00 $
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup
with soy sauce and chili vinegar on the side8.00 $
Seafood Tom Yum
the spicy thai classic11.00 $
Corn & Vegetable Soup
with soy sauce and chili vinegar on the side7.00 $
Green Or Mixed Salad
fresh lettuce and vegetables served with french dressing7.50 $
Chicken Tango Salad
grilled marinated chicken fillet on fresh greens, served with a mango-passion fruit drizzle11.50 $
Greek Salad
with cucumber, tomato, black olives, green bell pepper and feta cheese10.50 $
Marine Niçoise
niçoise salad with a twist: served with grilled tuna and sweet corn11.00 $
Reethi’s ‘Chef Salad’
parma ham, cheddar cheese, cantaloupe, boiled egg, smoked chicken fillet, shrimps, tomato and black olives with french dressing and cocktail sauce12.50 $
Classic Caesar Salad
served with homemade caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and crispy croûtons11.00 $
optional with tender cajun chicken15.00 $
optional with cajun prawns (3)19.00 $
Seafood Salad
mixed seafood with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion, kalamata olives and oranges, tossed with a lime-orange emulsion17.90 $
Tuna Focaccia
toasted focaccia filled with tuna-mayonnaise, cucumber and cheddar cheese13.50 $
Tandoori Chicken Wrap
grilled chicken marinated in tangy indian spices and yoghurt, served with mango chutney14.00 $
Tomato & Cheese Panini
pesto spread, fresh tomato, parmesan, mozzarella and fresh basil leaves14.50 $
Prosciutto & Brie Panini
with smoked parma ham, brie cheese and strawberry compote16.00 $
Shrimp Caesar Wrap
filled with grilled shrimps and classic caesar salad16.00 $
Mighty Triple Deckers
toasted white or brown bread layered with lettuce, tomato, cheese, chicken-mayonnaise, bacon fried egg19.00 $
New Yorker
grilled beef steak with mustard cream, gherkins and fried onions, served in a fresh ciabatta bun18.00 $
Snap Dog
batter fried fish fillet with asian coleslaw and japanese mayonnaise, served in a hot dog bun16.00 $
Reethi Hot Dog
fried chicken sausage wrapped in turkey bacon, topped with homemade bbq-chipotle sauce14.00 $
King of Burgers
beef or chicken patty in a bun with portobello mushrooms, grilled peppers and fried onions19.00 $
all sandwiches are served with french fries and coleslaw
with your choice of    Spaghetti ~ Penne ~ Farfalle ~ Fettuccine
pasta served with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese10.50 $
pasta with tomato sauce, ground beef, parmesan cheese15.00 $
Mushroom & Chili Carbonara
pasta with a creamy sauce, mushrooms and dried red chili14.50 $
pasta with zucchini, broccoli, eggplant, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto cream14.00 $
Salmon in Pink Lady Sauce
pasta with salmon cubes simmered in a creamy tomato sauce19.50 $
Maldivian Reef Fish
pasta with pan fried fish fillet, curry leaves and bell peppers, in a flavored olive oil-garlic sauce17.00 $
to all the above
add meat balls3.50 $
add tuna chunks3.50 $
add shrimps4.50 $
ground beef in between pasta sheets, béchamel and tomato sauce, baked with cheddar cheese19.00 $
all pasta dishes are served with garlic crostini on the side
mozzarella, pesto drops, cherry tomato, oregano, pizza sauce9.00 $
eggplant, bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, cherry tomato, fresh basil, black olives, mozzarella, pizza sauce12.00 $
Tuna & Onion
tuna, golden onion, capers, mozzarella, pizza sauce12.00 $
Reethi Special
ground beef, bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, jalapeno chili, basil, oregano, mozzarella, pizza sauce13.50 $
tandoori marinated chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, chili flakes, mozzarella, pizza sauce15.00 $
calamari, shrimps, reef fish, mussels, mozzarella, pizza sauce16.50 $
Quattro Formaggi
blue cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan17.50 $
Create Your Own
add: beef pepperoni, pork or turkey bacon, pancetta affumicata (smoked ham), smoked salmon, vongole (clams), shrimps, mussels, tuna flakes, extra cheese, pineapple, anchovies, sweet corn, artichokes2.00 $
Asian Vegetables
wok stir fried vegetables in a soya-oyster sauce, topped with tofu and fried cashew nuts and served with steamed rice14.50 $
Thai Vegetable Curry
assorted fresh market vegetables, simmered in a delicate spicy red curry sauce, served with steamed rice14.00 $
Vegetable Au Gratin
gratin fresh vegetables blended with a cheese sauce, served with steamed rice or buttered pasta16.00 $
Cauliflower & Paneer
cauliflower and indian cottage cheese simmered in a tangy tomato-onion gravy, served with steamed rice and pappads18.00 $
Nasi Goreng
fried rice with chicken, beef and shrimp and fried egg, served with chicken sate, prawn crackers and peanut butter sauce18.00 $
Oven Roasted Cornish Hen
half marinated cornish hen, oven roasted, served with french fries and a grilled tomato
(please allow at least 20 minutes for preparation)19.00 $
For Two: Whole Oven Roasted Hen
(please allow at least 30 minutes for preparation)31.00 $
Mixed Chow-Mein
Wok fried noodles with chicken, pork, prawns and vegetables16.00 $
Butter Chicken
boneless butter chicken masala with basmati rice, papads and an indian salad19.50 $
Teriyaki Beef
tender teriyaki marinated beef fillet grilled to your choice, topped with blue cheese and herb butter, accompanied by french fries and grilled tomato36.00 $
Pork Ribs
paprika marinated pork ribs, served with a corn-spinach cake and charcuterie sauce24.00 $
Beef Fillet
tender beef fillet grilled to your choice, accompanied by mashed potato, ratatouille and a red wine reduction38.00 $
Catch Of The Day
fillet of freshly caught fish, grilled or sautéed, served over crushed potatoes and buttered vegetables with lobster reduction18.00 $
Pan Fried Salmon Fillet
served with corn-rice, cherry tomatoes and  shrimp hollandaise23.50 $
Snapper In Coconut Curry
snapper fillets poached in a light coconut curry sauce, with white rice, fresh pickled vegetable salad and papads20.00 $
Fish ‘n’ Chips
battered fried fish served the traditional way with french fries and tartar sauce22.00 $
Exotic Fisherman’s Catch
crumbed fish fingers, prawns and calamari, served with french fries and mango tartar sauce25.00 $
Thai Green Curry Prawns
prawns cooked in a spicy green curry sauce, accompanied by steamed rice and fresh vegetable pickles29.00 $
Lobster ‘Thermidor’
gratinated lobster, simmered in a dijon mustard flavored white wine-mushroom sauce, served with potato gratin and buttered vegetables50.00 $
Ice Cream by Scoop
vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or mango3.50 $
Homemade Sorbets
please check with your waiter for available flavours3.50 $
Exotic Fresh Fruit Platter12.00 $
Death By Chocolate
your favorite served with chocolate mousse14.00 $
Brownie A La Mode
served with vanilla ice cream9.00 $
Tropical Blast
yoghurt mousse and passion fruit jelly on a chocolate sponge12.50 $
Mosaic Trio
semifreddo, coffee crème brûlée and pannacotta12.00 $
Baileys Crème Brûlée
served with a sorbet of oranges12.50 $
Berry Shortbread
served with vanilla ice cream and warm berries12.00 $
Baked New York Cheese Cake9.00 $
Cheese Dessert
four different kinds of cheese, served with pears, walnuts, celery and biscuits22.00 $
Cake Of The Day or Fresh Fruit Tart3.80 $
Please ask your waiter:
Chef’s Special Selection