Rehendi Main Restaurant
Asian Buffet
This list is posted on our website as a guide only. Items are subject to change without notice.  
miso soup or chinese chicken soup

thai spicy squid salad

smoked jackfish

shrimps & grapefruit salad or spicy shrimps with mangoes & snow peas

cucumber or napa cabbage kim chee

mango & heart of palms salad

spicy smoked chicken salad

sushi & sashimi platter with condiments

leaf salads & crudités

condiments, flavoured oils & vinegars


pla rad prik or burmese prawn curry

yakitori chicken skewer or duck with lentils & red cabbage

vegetables, crab or chicken spring roll

sweet and sour chicken, pork or fish

thai vegetables curry or braised bokchoy

cantonese rice or nasi goreng

jasmine steamed rice

mild maldivian curry or tofu spinach lasagne


roast pork leg with fresh mango salsa

wok stir-fried asian vegetables


cumin seed and curry seed bread rolls

comfit ginger bread

garlic croûtons

fried curry leaves bread loaf

assorted bread loaves & buns

thai pandam

sticky mango rice pudding

vietnamese banana cake

chinese fruit cake

banana with grated coconut

assorted fruits