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Stretched on the edge of azure waters and spread among lush gardens
Your idyllic journey of well being Oblige in luxury relaxation at Coconut Spa

Harmony, Energy, Serenity, Sensation

Discover a fusion of culture, with French Management and Balinese sumptuousness...

Well established in Maldives since 2002, Coconut Spa offers you the ultimate experience with a great selection of massages, treatments and Spa packages.


Opening their first spa on December 2002 in an environment that delights all senses and matches with their philosophy, Coconut Spa soon became a major actor of the spa industry in Maldives. Today, Coconut Spa runs 6 spas in the Archipelago in 4 to 5 stars luxury hotels reflecting the spirit and exotic traditions of Asian hospitality and beauty knowledge.


Using the best combination of Asian skills and knowledge with western standards of quality, Coconut Spa delivers a unique and tailor-made spa experience that ravishes the senses while being kept up to date with the latest beauty therapies.


Menus and therapies are regularly renewed to follow the evolution of the market. At Coconut Spa we combine the French ‘Savoir faire’ with Balinese skills.

With a wide range of treatments to choose from, our spa teams is pleased to advise and guide customers through our menu offers.

Body Massages

Body treatments

Hair treatment

Hands and feet


Spa Packages

Massages from another world


Using only natural plant essences and extracts, the Coconut Spa range of products has been specially designed to take care of all types of complexion and to stimulate safely the senses.

Furthermore our Coconut Spa signature products are freshly daily made from natural and high quality local ingredients.

All our products are exclusively sold in our spa boutiques in Maldives so ones shouldn’t forget to get their favourite products when they still can!


Discovery Massage 30 minutes – US$ 60

For an immediate stress and tension release effect, this massage concentrates on the back and the legs, easing muscle aches, stretching joints, improving flexibility where most of the body tension is accumulated.

Balinese Traditional Massage

50 minutes – US$ 90


1h30 – US$ 150

The Asian Traditional massage is a full body massage using palm pressure and long gentle strokes while applying a unique blend of natural essential oils. This combination stimulates your blood circulation, improves energy flow and drains tensions away.

Head, Back and Shoulders Massage 50 minutes – US$ 90

Starting from the back to stimulate the blood circulation this massage continues with the neck and shoulders to relieve muscular pain and drain tensions away. It is then concentrated on the head to effectively ease out accumulated stress and to enhance relaxation.

Back and Stones Massage 50 minutes – US$ 90

Starting with a shiatsu and traditional massage to warm the body, the stones are then applied on your back in such a way as to relieve your muscles from pain and tension. Back and stones massage is especially adapted for back problems, achieving a feeling of well being and perfect relaxation.

Warm Stones Massage 50 minutes – US$ 90

A full body massage starting with a traditional massage and lomi-lomi and then continues with the warm stones. Smooth and warm stones glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. The heat helps to relax the muscle and has a shooting effect on your emotions. Stones are positioned on the various energy body points to develop the healing potential.

Shiatsu 50 minutes – US$ 90

The Shiatsu Massage is a digito-puncture technique using pressure point massage without oil to release tight nodules and produce a deep relaxed feeling. This massage is a real revival for the body and mind increasing energy level intensified by a few stretching movements.


Swedish Massage

1 therapist – 50 minutes – US$



2 therapists – 50 minutes – US$


Using warm oil, heated up in a bottle and poured all over your body, the Swedish massage is designed to harmonize the corporal functions, such as blood circulation, breathing and mind relaxation. Soft and long strokes envelop all the body from feet to head creating an overall relaxation of the body and soothing effect.

Four Hands Massage 50 minutes – US$ 150

The ultimate sensation with this massage provided by two therapists working together in perfect harmony that creates overall well being. The perfect synchronization will balance the pressure of the whole body improving circulation. The four hand massage is a combination of shiatsu, traditional massage and lomi-lomi leaving your entire body re-energized and intensely relaxed.

Coconut Spa Signature 1h30 – US$ 150

This massage exclusively created by Coconut Spa is our Signature. A relaxing combination of 4 massages, starting with long strokes and deep skin massage for 30 minutes is then followed by 10 minutes shiatsu and 20 minutes warm stone massage on your back, shoulders, neck and arms to release the tension of your stressed muscles. It ends with a 30 minutes reflexology to relax and give you a feeling of overall comfort. Discover this deeply relaxing path to health and harmony.

Sea Shell Massage 1h30 - US$ 150

Discover the original sensation and innovating technique with our Sea Shell Massage, newly created by Coconut Spa. It’s a combination of Balinese Massage and the use of Sea Shells. To stimulate your natural energy, our Mother Pearl oil is applied during your massage.

Feet Reflexology

30 minutes – US$ 60


50 minutes – US$ 90

An ancient healing therapy as blissful as it is beneficial; a foot massage on the reflex point can restore the natural flow of body energy and improve your health. Recover physical and mental harmony with this wonderful treatment that will send waves of deep relaxation through your entire body.

Hands Reflexology

30 minutes – US$ 60


50 minutes – US$ 90

Hands reflexology brings your body’s energy flow back into balance. By removing energy blockages in all areas of your body, you increase circulation, reduce tensions and detoxify. Energy flows freely again into your entire body, you feel this incredible sensation of a perfect harmony within yourself.

Massages from Another World



Warm Oil Massage

50 minutes – US$ 90

The warm oil massage is inspired from the Indian traditional massage called Ayurveda. It is a technique employed to stimulate and balance the Dosha (the spiritual part of the body). This mental and body relaxation treatment is provided with a special blend of essential oils, with healing properties, warmed just before its application on the body. It helps to improve sleep, eliminate toxins and brings relaxation and comfort.

Shirodhara 50 minutes – US$ 90

In Sanskrit, "Shir" means head and "Dhara" means flux. Shirodhara is the slow pouring out of a constant flow of warm sesame oil on one very precise point of the forehead. Shirodhara relieves tensions, improve the perception of the senses and attenuates anxiety, anguish, stress, concentration difficulties and insomnia.

Shirodhara with Hair Treatment

1h30 – US$ 150

To complete your treatment and enhance the benefit of your complete relaxation, an additional head massage with shampoo and hair conditioner will leave your hair lustrous and soft.



Herbal Massage

50 minutes – US$ 90


1h30 – US$ 150

The root of herbal ritual comes from Thailand, where hot compress massage is commonly used to increase blood circulation and stimulate the vital energy of body and mind. This re-energizing massage starts with a combination of stretching movements and palm pressure points. Once the body is warmed up, aromatic heated herbal bags are applied on your body, for an instant relaxing and soothing effect providing great relief to muscular aches and pains. Herbal lotion is then rubbed on your body to complete this detoxifying treatment.

Body Treatment

Body scrub

Harmony Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

Using local harvested coconut with cinnamon, the body is gently exfoliated leaving your skin moisturized and renewed.

Serenity Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

A mixture of Lavender and Ylang-ylang, specially blended to refresh and leave your skin smooth and soft. Lavender is a plant known for its calming effect and is recommended for sensitive skins.

Sensation Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

Made from finely grated Vanilla mixed with Ginger to rejuvenate your skin and give you a sensation of freshness and wellbeing.

Energy Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

A traditional Indonesian royal court beauty ritual made of citrus and tangerine. This deliciously aromatic scrub will improve your skin as it gently exfoliates.

Herbal Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

A traditional Herbal Body scrub combined with natural products such as kaffir lime, sweet fennel, ginger and lemongrass essential oils. This ideal Asian composition will enhance your body’s natural circulation and eliminate the toxins. Your skin is deeply revitalized, supple and nourished.

Chocolate Body Scrub 50 minutes – US$ 90

Give yourself a special treat without a calorie. Our natural chocolate body scrub combining cocoa, rice and almond powder will in an instant develop all your senses while stimulating, refining, smoothing and moisturizing your skin.

All our scrubs are followed by a soft and relaxing application of body lotion

Body Wrap

Papaya Body Wrap 50 minutes – US$ 90

Have your body gently rubbed and then wrapped with a mixture of fresh blended papaya and our signature French red clay. After a long day in the sun, with this perfect combination of natural products, the “Papaya Body Polish” is sure to leave the skin of your body and face glowingly fresh and rejuvenated.

Herbal Body Wrap 50 minutes – US$ 90

Kaffir lime, nutmeg, essential oils of black pepper, lemon and lemongrass are the basic products of our treatment. Applied onto your skin, this detoxifying treatment stimulates your skin; aids lymphatic flow and boosts circulation.

Body Treatment

Sun Lovers

Sun Lover 50 minutes – US$ 90

After your day spent in the sun, come and enjoy our Special Sun Lover to calm, soothe and re-hydrate your skin.

Sun Lover treatment is specially designed to fight against sun burn and the ageing of the skin.

This treatment includes

Lavender Body Wash for gentle cleansing

Cucumber and Honey Body Conditioner, for cooling and soothing

Aloe Vera Body Lotion, to ease sunburn, prevent skin peeling and to lock in the moisture


Cellulite Treatment – 1h30 – choice of 1 – 3 or 5 treatments

1 Treatment

US$ 150

3 Treatments

US$ 400

5 Treatments

US$ 650

This efficient treatment will help you to reduce the cellulite by an activation of the blood circulation, using a special range of products adapted to your requirements. We start with dynamic and powerful frictions with a body scrub made from almond powder and pure essential oils to release the toxins, followed by a mud mask made from crushed volcanic stones, clay, sea weed and essentials oils brushed onto your all body to purify the skin. The treatment is finally completed by a vigorous massage to cover your body with a unique blend of pure essential oils of basil, fennel and lemon, well known for their interaction against cellulite.

For a better result we recommend our 5 treatments package, taken one per day.


Refresher Facial 30 minutes – US$ 60

A great introduction to facial treatment using for principal ingredients: pure honey mask and cucumber, leaving your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Enjoy the benefits of these natural ingredients with an age-old reputation for skin healing, softening, and moisturizing.

Natural Asian Facial 50 minutes – US$ 90

Using only Bio natural products, the face is cleansed and gently exfoliated to eliminate all the dead cells on the surface of the skin. While purifying with a gel mask, relax and unwind with a hand and feet massage. This treatment will effectively restore and hydrate your skin, leaving your face fresh, youthful and restored.

Sea Shell Facial 50 minutes – US$ 90

An innovating facial ; Using our natural product line made of Mother Pearl whose virtues are known to give a better protection, softness and elasticity of the skin. The treatment comprises cleansing, exfoliation, and mask, all complemented by a Sea Shell Massage that will rejuvenate your skin and bring a glowing healthy look.

Coconut Spa Facial Signature 1h30 – US$ 150

A pure bliss to your skin, with our Coconut Spa Facial Signature using only products adapted to your skin type. Indulge, relax and refresh; our professional therapist will do the rest; Deep cleansing, Exfoliation, steam and ozone, vacuum, pore extraction, high frequency to kill the germs and prevent redness, serum cell activator, mask powder, all completed by our eye shield treatment and our exclusive facial massage combined with acupressure. Moisturizer and head massage will end your treatment.

Age Repair Facial 1h30 – US$ 160

The ultimate treatment with our Age Repair Facial for an Instant ‘Mini lift’ leaving your skin rejuvenated and nurtured. The ‘Botulike’ range of products applied during your Anti Aging treatment helps to eliminate the wrinkles, improve your skin elasticity and bring a youthful, firm and radiant look. Benefit from deep cleansing, peeling, Steam and ozone, vacuum, pore extraction, high frequency, Serum, cocoon in Age repair mask and unwind during our very soothing and unique face massage renowned for its relaxing benefits.

For a long lasting result of our facials, we recommend you to use the products applied by our therapist during your treatment. All ranges are available in our spas’ boutiques.

Hair Treatment

Mask, Treatment and Massage 50 minutes – US$ 90

A natural traditional mask is massaged onto your scalp to nourish and revitalize your hair. During the treatment a head and shoulder massage is given so that your blood circulation is stimulated and brings relaxation.

To maximize the benefits of the mask, the hair is not blown dry leaving it shiny and soft to the touch.

Our choice of Natural Mask:

Carrot: Vitamin treatment, for hair lacking vitality

Avocado: Nourishing, for broken fragile or dry hair

Aloe Vera: To bring back shine and softness, for dry and damaged hair

Virgin Coconut oil: Revitalizing & hydration for silky, shiny, strong and manageable hair

Ginseng: Strengthening prevents loss of hair


Hands & Feet Treatments

Spa Manicure 50 minutes – US$ 70

Give your hands and nails a well deserved care with our Hands Beauty treatment. Starting with the basics nail cut, file and cuticle repair, your hands are then gently exfoliated for a silky feeling. A nourishing cream is applied with a gentle massage to restore the moisture and improve the texture of your skin. Your hands feel hydrated, smooth and soft with a great youthful look.

Spa Pedicure 50 minutes – US$ 70

Cool, energize and revive your feet with our Feet Beauty Treatment. Comprising of the classical pedicure treatment with nail cut, file, cuticle repair and soothing foot soak of essential oils; it is then followed by a peppermint scrub that will relieve your tired or swollen feet. Finally, to stimulate blood circulation a foot massage is applied with a refreshing lotion. Your feet are hydrated, fresh and soothed.

For an extra charge, your may complete your manicure treatment with Nail Polish / French nail polish or Nail art

Nail Polish



French Nail Polish



Nail Art (from per nail)



Spa Packages

Sensation Package


US$ 160

Choice of Body Scrub




Swedish Massage




Energy Package


US$ 160

Balinese Traditional Massage








Serenity Package


– US$ 220

Coconut Spa Signature




Natural Asian Facial




Harmony Package with 2 Therapists


US$ 270

Four Hands Massage




Natural Asian Facial & Reflexology




Satin Skin Package


US$ 240

Choice of Body Scrub




Balinese Traditional Massage




Natural Asian Facial




2 Days Package


US$ 220

Day 1 – Balinese Traditional Massage




Day 2 – Natural Asian Facial & Reflexology



3 Days Package



US$ 440

Day 1 – Choice of Body Scrub & Swedish Massage

Day 2 – The Coconut Spa Signature




Day 3 – Natural Asian Facial & Reflexology



5 Days Package



US$ 600

Day 1 – Choice of Body Scrub & Natural Asian Facial

Day 2

– Swedish Massage

Day 3

– Balinese Traditional Massage & Reflexology 30mn

Day 4

– Head, Back and Shoulder Massage

Day 5

– Four Hands Massage

Spa Packages

Indian Traditions Package



Warm oil Massage

1h40 –

US$ 160




Warm oil Massage

2h20 –

US$ 220

Shirodhara with hair treatment



Thai Traditions Package

2 h – US$ 180

Herbal Body Scrub



Herbal Massage



Herbal Bath



Thai Indulgence Package

2h30 –

US$ 270

Herbal Body Scrub



Herbal Body Wrap



Herbal Massage



Herbal Bath



Adam & Eve Package

1h30 –

US$ 270

Pamper yourself and your beloved one



this holiday with the Adam and Eve’s Package….. A step towards paradise…..

Indulge in various treatments

Aromatherapy Foot Bath

Discovery Massage

Refresher Facial

Aromatherapy Flower Bath

Chocolate Package

Single 1h30

– US$ 150


Couple 1h30

– US$ 270



Appreciate………. Discover the Pleasure ……

The Unique Sensation of...…..


Your skin is soft, smooth and re-hydrated,

Sense the difference after our chocolate treatment comprising of:

Chocolate Body Scrub

Discovery Chocolate Massage

Aromatherapy Chocolate Bath