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The Climate

Maldives has a North-east monsoon period from November to March, when it rains less, the ocean is calm and underwater visibility averages 70-metres and above. The South-west monsoon period runs from May to August, bringing rougher seas and stronger winds.

There is little variation in the average mean air temperature throughout the year, with daytime highs of around 30-degrees Celsius, and lows of around 24-degrees Celsius being recorded.

Humidity hovers between the 77- and 83-percent mark. The water temperature averages between 27- and 30-degrees Celsius year-round. Around 8 hours of Sunshine are recorded daily, with one or two hours more recorded during January to April. Rainfall is highest during January, March, June and October – up to 330mm (13 inches); lowest during February, April, May, July, August – up to 165mm (6.5 inches), much of this falling during the night.

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