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Because There is Only One Earth...Environment &Sustainability

At a time when everybody is sensitive to environmental issues, a sympathetic approach to the sustainable management of holiday destinations has become mandatory.

Our Approach and Best Practices

In a destination where even the slightest activity may induce a disproportionate reaction, adressing environmental concerns, raising awareness and taking positive action have always been inter-linked components in achieving success. Reethi Beach Resort has always shared these concerns about operations in such a fragile environment and for more than the last decade, such issues have topped every agenda. 

Sustainability Policy     Sustainability Plan

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    We are ReethiNational & International Awards

    Reethi Beach has always been a pioneer in 'green initiatives' due to which we were constantly able to count on support from our partners and suppliers alike. 

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    Conserve Water, Conserve LifeWhat we do to save Water & Energy

    Closely monitoring daily consumptions is a big task of us. Constantly looking into alternative ways to minimize the use of water & energy has resulted in the following achievements and best practices.

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    Maldive's Biggest ChallengeManagement of Waste

    Maldives' national problem is certainly how to manage the amounts of waste produced daily. With recently introduced waste management centers in the Maldives, still no solution as a whole has been provided by the government which makes the need of best practices of the resorts a must. As such, we have undertaken projects such as.

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    Living in a fragile EnvironmentThe Island and Its Surroundings

    With such close proximity to nature and its limited landsides, efforts are undertaken to retain the island with minimal impact and best practices.

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    We've got him - the mosquito man. Thanks to him we don't need any chemicals to keep the island mosquito free for guests to enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Further initiatives include.

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    Social & CommunityEngagements

    With a large number of local team members being from Baa Atoll, it is our desire to support the local communities. Selected projects that we have supported are.

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