• Social & Community Engagements

Social & CommunityEngagements

With a large number of local team members being from Baa Atoll, it is our desire to support the local communities. Selected projects that we have supported are.

Boats with villas at Reethi Resort, Maldives
  • Acting as a platform for sales and promotion of local products and services, such as lampshades from Kihaadhoo, lacquer ware from Hithadhoo, folklore shows from Kendhoo and Kamadhoo.
  • Including the Kudarikili home museum as an excursion option.
  • Supporting school projects in Kamadhoo and Kihadhoo.
  • Assisting with regular waste management in Dharavandhoo.
  • Non-bureaucratic support with transport and logistics as well as maintenance for all neighboring local islands.
  • Tree planting on Reethi Beach with fund-raising component for Kamadhoo.
  • Donation of life saver rings for the harbors of Dharavandhoo, Dhonfanu, Kamadhoo, Kihaadhoo.
We also support national and international organizations such as: 
  • Tiny Heart, a local NGO supporting children with heart diseases.
  • Donate a Dollar with "Their Future Today" Australia.
  • Shark Savers, a local NGO.
  • Parley for the Ocean.
  • Collaborations with Educators and Influencers such as Ocean Ramsey.