• Living in a fragile Environment The Island and Its Surroundings

Living in a fragile EnvironmentThe Island and Its Surroundings

With such close proximity to nature and its limited landsides, efforts are undertaken to retain the island with minimal impact and best practices.

Landscape view of island and ocean at Maldives
Projects to enhance the sustainability efforts for guests to enjoy nature's paradise,  include:

Introduction of least-impact erosion control – with geotextile bags filled from the islands own ‘sand budget’; bags have a special top layer which allows for coral growth and can be removed for re-use after a monsoon season. The system is being viewed by many surrounding properties for replication.

  • Coral Propagation on specially designed grills in the lagoon; Reef Monitoring.
  • Voluntary maintenance and upkeep of surrounding uninhabited islands.
  • Sensible landscaping concentrating on local greenery and plants and re-introduction of green waste mulching and composting.
  • Engineered Bacteria added to compost allowing for the addition of food waste as well as grease trap residues.
  • Engineered Bacteria added to the sewage treatment plant to reduce accretion of sludge.
  • Maintaining the Built-Up Area of the resort at just over 16% -including the water villas – with 20% set as the national standard.
  • Use of local crafts such as kajan (coconut) thatch or locally produced lampshades for furnishing and refurbishing.
  • Re-use of construction material during maintenance and upkeep projects; new material from accredited suppliers.
  • Organic Garden pilot project for herbs, spices, and vegetables.