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Authentic Local CuisineCooking TheMaldivian Way

Our Maldivian Executive Chef takes pride in his cultures and traditions. Follow his steps and let him take you on a culinary journey of his culture and traditions to experience the richness of Maldivian Cuisine.

Outdoor pool with sunbeds and veyo bar at Reethi Beach Resort, Maldives

Duration: 90 mins USD 49.00 ++ per personOverview

Get to know the variety of spices used in the local cuisine and learn how to use the fresh-grown herbs and spices of our Reethi Garden. Enjoy your special meal in the Saima Garden afterward as you embark on this culinary journey, experiencing flavors you haven't met before. 


  • Whale Shark with Manta Ray at Maldives
  • Back view of shark on underwater at Maldives
  • Anemonefish or Clownfish in sea Anemone undersea
  • Close up of Pterois antennata fish at Maldives
  • Portrait of underwater training divers at Reethi resort

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