• Close up of big Whale Shark and Manta Ray at Maldives

Pure AdrenalinSnorkeling withSharks

A snorkeling experience in the open waters where you decent into the blue saltwater with trained professionals who will guide and provide you with the best locations with chances of swimming with sharks.

Close up of Underwater whale shark at Maldives

Usually not the Grey Whites - but still impressive!Overview

Nurse sharks are quite the attraction for the enthusiast touris as this is pretty much of a hands-on body floating over deepwater kind of thrill. Truly an experience worhty of having - being in the water surrounded by sharks as they float to the surfaces and swim around you.


  • Whale Shark with Manta Ray at Maldives
  • Portrait of underwater training divers at Reethi resort
  • Back view of shark on underwater at Maldives
  • Anemonefish or Clownfish in sea Anemone undersea
  • Close up of Pterois antennata fish at Maldives

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