• Beautiful beach with yacht on Maldives

A God Given RightFishing Like aMaldivian

Sail through the waves of the Indian Ocean while pulling the fishing line behind you. Definitely the most environmental friendly practice of catching fish!

Fishing boat and seagulls on sunrise background

A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine!Overview

The Maldivian reefs are home to a variey of marine animals such as snappers, groupers, emperors and many more. The traditional fishing method reflects the Maldivians' respect and understanding of nature's limits and boundaries. Enjoy your freshly caught catch in one of the restaurants afterwards.


  • Sailboat Silhouette at Sunset
  • Beautiful beach with yacht on Maldives
  • Anemonefish or Clownfish in sea Anemone undersea
  • Close-up of a Pterois antennata fish in the Maldives.

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