• Maldive's Biggest Challenge Management of Waste

Maldive's Biggest ChallengeManagement of Waste

Maldives' national problem is certainly how to manage the amounts of waste produced daily. With recently introduced waste management centers in the Maldives, still no solution as a whole has been provided by the government which makes the need of best practices of the resorts a must. As such, we have undertaken projects such as.

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Bottling of our own drinking water in re-usable glass bottles, since August 2010, thereby effecting a saving of over 400 disposable plastic bottles every day.

  •  Complete halt of the usage of plastic straws (2010) and plastic bags (in outlets 2008 and rooms 2011).
  • Re-fillable guest toiletries.
  • Withdrawal of usage of disposable paper towels and drinks coasters; portioned packaging served reduced to the minimum.
  • Efficient “RRR” Waste Management, centering on raising awareness among staff and local communities.
  • Recyclable materials segregated and compacted for shipping.
  • Household batteries re-exported to Europe for proper disposal.
  • Emphasis on Purchasing Local Produce.
  • Emphasis on Purchasing Bulk & Catering Packaging.
  • Pilot project of biogas production.
  • Purchase of a Composter for food waste.