• Conserve Water, Conserve Life What we do to save Water & Energy

Conserve Water, Conserve LifeWhat we do to save Water & Energy

Closely monitoring daily consumptions is a big task of us. Constantly looking into alternative ways to minimize the use of water & energy has resulted in the following achievements and best practices.

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Installing an Energy Recovery System at the resort’s desalination plant in 2006, almost doubling output at marginal increase of power consumption. 
  • Commissioning, in 2011, underground tanks of 170 ton capacity for rain-water harvesting with additional capacity planned. Our daily water consumption is around 200 tons and the water desalination plant is now the single most power consuming device on the island. 
  • Hot water production through Heat Exchange, drawing residual energy from running power generators to supply all guest and staff rooms, kitchen outlets and laundry; system installed in 2010, operational in 2011.
  • Power-Keys installed in all rooms and a request for the re-use of towels and bed linen as industry standard.
  • Inverter type air conditioning units replacing older models at an approximate energy saving of 50%.